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eec Partnering opportunities

Enterprise Europe Network grants access to importers /distributors and suppliers of products and services in all sectors, in more than 65 countries. It also offers the opportunity to search through a huge database of partners, manufacturers, distributors or suppliers.

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logo Export Regulatory Requirements

Market access tool that provides detailed information on the regulatory requirements imposed by each country on the export and import of specific product at the HS6 digit, moreover, it provides information on the technical issues to take into account before engage in commercial activity. 

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logo Generalized System of Preferences Scheme

The objective of the scheme is to support developing countries and LDCs to increase their exports earning, to promote their industrialization, and to increase their economic growth, under the scheme the developed countries take measures to achieve these objectives such as granting these countries zero tariff rates over the MFN rates, today there is 13 preference schemes.

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logo Oman-Inma Leadership Program

The aim of the program is to develop the leadership skills among Omani entrepreneurs.

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LibanPack LibanPack

LibanPack helps SMEs to improve the packaging and labeling process and thus increasing the competitiveness of Lebanese products on export markets and ensuring their conformity with international standards.

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SINO Shipping Import process in China

SINO Shipping provides information about Chinese customs clearance, import licenses and about the new customs regulations as well as import restrictions.  

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logo TARIC

TARIC, the integrated Tariff of the European Union, is a multilingual database integrating all measures relating to EU customs tariff, commercial and agricultural legislation.  

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logo Standards in Europe

The European Union (EU)  gives an overview about Standards in countries of the EU.  

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Enterprise Europe Network Europe Network

The Network manages Europe's largest online database of business opportunities and matchmaking. Search here for business or academic partners to manufacture, distribute, co-develop and supply your products, ideas and services.

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EXIM CHINA Export-Import Bank of China

The export-import Bank of China issues documentary credits, examination of documents, assistance for the importer to investigate the exporter’s credit standing, stock and shipment information; finance services such as import bill advance, carrier indemnity.

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