Nomou Programme - MENA

A development finance organisation for SMEs that offers a programme to create sustainable employment, economic growth, and positive social impact through the nurturing and expansion of a sustainable small and medium sized business sector in the Middle East and North Africa. It  provides access to medium-term risk capital and value-adding business support.


A fund that helps existing SMEs grow in scale and scope and also seek to create new entrepreneurs and SMEs through low interest loans and provides grants to support the activities of the fund. It has tailored a set of products specially designed to provide SMEs with flexible funding to meet their needs.

BLC Bank

A bank that provides a wide range of state-of-the-art, innovative and competitive financial products and services, in a simple and efficient way, leveraging innovation, technology, professionalism and excellence. It offers medium and long term loans as well as SME Toolkit and Women empowerment programs.


A bank that provides SMEs with various financial products and services.It has also devised a “hand-holding” approach for start-ups, which comprises advisory services, feasibility studies, as well as capital and debt restructuring. 

Bahrain Development Bank

A development financial institution that aims to diversify the economic base, create new employment opportunities for Bahrainis and contribut significantly to the overall socio-economic development of the Kingdom. It offers a wide range of distinctive financial and advisory services specifically designed to meet SMEs special needs. It also provides advice and support in developing the financial resources. 

The Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association – Asala -PART OF SHARAKA

An Association that provides loans to women. It targets impoverished and excluded Palestinian women in order to empower them and put them on a track that will lead to financial independence and stability. It provides Palestinian women entrepreneurs with a comprehensive package of support including guidance, counseling, training, micro, small, and Islamic financing, and extensive follow up.


Bank of Cairo

A bank that provides financing and non-financing services to SMEs, that allows businesses to prosper and grow. It offers customized solutions to fulfill SME customers’ financial needs. Whether the customer is a start-up or running an existing business, it provides multiple tools and services to manage the customer’s business effectively. It also provides suitable business advice.

Business Incubation Association of Tripoli (BIAT)

Offers an SME support program for the Lebanese and Syrian Nationals residing in Tripoli and Zgharta. It facilitates the establishment of business partnerships between Syrian and Lebanese entrepreneurs.It also provides business development trainings, grants (cash/ in kind) and business coaching to selected Syrians and Lebanese, to strengthen their self-reliance and promote small income generating activities.  

Business Development Center

A Jordanian non-profit development organization that aims to accelerate regional economic development by providing capacity building, export development and advisory services to SMEs and entrepreneurial development programs at all levels with a special emphasis on youth and women, and university partnerships.