AlRaedah Finance

A company that provides solutions for SMEs seeking to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. It has become the principal financing institution for entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Saudi Arabia. Its strategy is built on our simple, quick and transparent process,  in-depth understanding of the local market, and flexible financing programs. It offers the most extensive coverage for sharia’h compliant financing solutions within the Kingdom.


A venture philanthropy organisation in the Arab world that provides funding, management support, mentorship and training to social enterprises across all sectors with a particular focus on education, job creation and women empowerment.

WAIN - Women Angels Investor Network

An investor network for women in the MENA region.  its goal is to build an informed ecosystem of women investors who support women entrepreneurs in the Arab world. It aims to create an active network of business women and democratise access to capital by providing investment opportunities to individuals and facilitating capital-raising for entrepreneurs.

Saudi Egyptian Industrial Investment

An investment management company that supports its partners in the Egyptian industrial sector by creating effective partnerships which enables them to become high-performing entities. It offers private equity and consultation services by looking for promising investment opportunities, specifically companies that have just started operations or ones that are in the early stages of growth.

Qatar Development Bank

A fully owned government financial entity set up by an Emiri Decree to invest in and develop local industries by supporting  SMEs in Qatar. In addition to providing financial assistance, the banks’ other main focus is to provide advisory support and guidance to SME’s on how to start up, grow and expand their activities, with the aim of developing a sustainable economy. It recently launched an added service under TASDEER or Qatar Export Development Agency (QEDA) to provide export financing and business development and promotion support to Qatar based SME exporters. 

KBBO Group

 UAE’s leading private investment group, powering growth in sectors crucial to sustainable development, regionally and internationally.It is a diversified investment company headquartered in the UAE with operations across the MENA region, Europe, and the United States. It finances companies in various stages.


KAUST Innovation Fund

An innovation fund that aims to grow an innovation and technology investment community and to attract international investors and VCs to the emerging Saudi technology ecosystem. It makes equity investments in startups and early-stage companies and allows KAUST to become a shareholder with a clear stake in the company’s success, providing ongoing operational support.


Juice Labs

It is venture capital growth accelerator, investing in early stage -pre-Series-A startups with a regional/global growth potential. It designs a comprehensive 6 month technical and business program, tailor-made for each team. It promotes its companies to a global stage and connects them with the necessary opportunities & funds to become sustainable.

Jadwa Investment

It is a governmental entity affiliated to Egypt's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It is responsible for growing and developing Egypt's position as a leading global outsourcing location by attracting foreign direct investments to the industry and maximizing the exports of IT services and applications.