A peer to peer lending platform in the MENA region. It connects small and medium businesses who need capital with fixed-income investors. It directly addresses the funding gap for SMEs in the Middle East through a Sharia-compliant peer-funded, lease-to-own transaction structure that is implemented through the use of in-house proprietary technology

The Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association – Asala -PART OF SHARAKA

An Association that provides loans to women. It targets impoverished and excluded Palestinian women in order to empower them and put them on a track that will lead to financial independence and stability. It provides Palestinian women entrepreneurs with a comprehensive package of support including guidance, counseling, training, micro, small, and Islamic financing, and extensive follow up.


Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development

A financial institution in Sudan with the vision of achieving food security in its 21 member states. It has accumulated experience in the field of agricultural investment, both in plant production, animal production and related fields. It also contributes to sustainable agricultural development and improves the lives of thousands of people through income generating projects, scientific research services, technology transfer, revolving loan programs and many developmental activities.


Al Raffd Fund

A Fund that aims to support, encourage and promote the entrepreneurial growth and advancement among the citizens of Sultanate of Oman by providing simple, quality financing for varied business needs. It provides the right guidance and market knowledge required to help the youth of Oman convert their vision into reality. 


Levant Investment Bank

An investment banking team manages and leads capital transactions for institutional clients and helps SMEs optimise capital. It offers strategic advisory services to SMEs, regardless of industry or geography. It also develops strong relationships with global investors and institutions from the MENA, Latin America, and Europe. 


It supports entrepreneurs and innovators throughout the various stages of the innovation cycle; from idea to prototype, turning their prototypes into market-fit products, and helps them finding the matching investment opportunities. 

Fondation Diane

It is an investment fund that identifies the best green initiatives, encourages them and provide them the necessary financial and operational support for startups and SMEs, to help them grow and achieve their goals. It also provides them with technical and business trainings, workshops, and access to finance events. 

Crescent Enterprises

It invests in strategic investment platforms that manages the private equity and alternative investments of Crescent Enterprises. With a long-term investment horizon, the platform’s strategy is geared towards maintaining a balanced late-stage investment portfolio by investing across alternative asset classes such as private equity, real estate, and other structured investments.

African Guarantee Fund

A fund that acts as a catalyst to unlock resources to finance SME business activities. It offers  SMEs loan guarantees such as: Loan portfolio, equity, bank fundraising, and loan individual. It also provides SMEs and partner financial institutions capacity development assistance which aims to improving their business management skills. 


A joint stock company that provides term Loan for assets based Funding and Working Capital provided to businesses and equity participation in projects that are in high growth businesses. This scheme is certified to be Shariaa compliant by the concerned authority. It also provides awareness and consultation services.