Jordan-Industrial law

Law NO. 18 of 1998

The law covers many important issues related to the industrial sector in Jordan, such as it is required to have a license to establish an industrial zone, the ministry also works on designing industrial and trade-related strategies and policies, setting and controlling prices of primary goods in the market, and sanctions, it also regulates the international commercial and industrial relations, (amended by law NO.14 of 2016).

Yemen- Commercial law

Law NO. 5 of 2007

 The law aims at promoting the local production, and to ensure the availability of products to maintain food security, moreover, it helps policymakers to design policies and strategies that have impact over the short and medium run.

Syria-Law for Establishing the SMEs Development Authority

Law NO.2 of 2016

Establishing the SMEs Development Authority and replacing the General Organization for Employment and Enterprise Development with its rights and obligations. It focuses on designing policies and programs that facilitate the development of SMEs sector, and to support the local production and promote local exports, moreover the authority is working on creating a national network of incubators for SMEs covering all economic sectors (Law is only available in Arabic).