Tunisia-Investment Law

Law NO. 47 of 2019

The provisions of this law aim to boost investment and improve the business climate by simplifying the procedures required to function economic institutions, facilitate their financing methods, and support corporate governance and transparency.

Palestine-Investment law

Law NO.13 of 2006

The Investment Promotion Law aims to achieve development goals and priorities in Palestine through increasing investments through the following means:  Establish the body responsible for encouraging and facilitating investment in Palestine. Providing guarantees for investors and existing investments in Palestine.Grant incentives to investors. And providing the right climate to encourage investment in Palestine. 

Iraq-Investment law

Law NO.13 of 2006

The law (amended by law NO.2 of 2010 and law NO. 50 of 2015) aimed at encouraging investments and transferring modern technologies to contribute to the Iraqi development process, encouraging the Iraqi, foreign and mixed private sector to invest in Iraq by providing necessary facilities to establish investment projects., and by protecting their rights.

UAE-Investment law

Federal law NO. 19 of 2018

The law aimed to solidify the position of the country as a hub for foreign investors at both regional and global levels, also to attract FDI, and to increase the flow of investment to the sectors of primary materials.

Yemen-Investment law

Law NO. 22 of  1991

It determines the share of investors by nationality (Yemeni- and non-Yemeni), it also distinguishes between Arab and non-Arab investors, the law also offers many benefits as such customs duties exemption ( according to article NO.3), it also promote local production and local exports. the law is amended twice, first time by the law NO.14 of 1995, while the second time, by the law NO.29 of 1997.