An independently managed venture capital fund, aiming to nurture early-stage companies in the MENA region. It partners with entrepreneurs and provides them with the means and resources to turn their projects into established, best-in-class businesses that offer exceptional all-around value to stakeholders

Sadara Ventures

A venture capital firm targeting the Palestinian tech sector. It joins forces with exceptional entrepreneurs to power innovation, and help build the first wave of world-class, high-growth, tech companies in Palestine. It aims to produce significant returns for its investors, and to contribute to the development of a vibrant and sustainable knowledge-based economy in Palestine.

Levant Investment Bank

An investment banking team manages and leads capital transactions for institutional clients and helps SMEs optimise capital. It offers strategic advisory services to SMEs, regardless of industry or geography. It also develops strong relationships with global investors and institutions from the MENA, Latin America, and Europe. 

Leap Ventures

A tech-focused entrepreneur-led venture capital firm that operates in MENA and Europe.  It seeks to actively partner with entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in order to quickly accelerate and scale their vision and operations globally. Its value-added platform and extensive international network provide entrepreneurs with the tools to sharpen their skills. 

Juice Labs

It is venture capital growth accelerator, investing in early stage -pre-Series-A startups with a regional/global growth potential. It designs a comprehensive 6 month technical and business program, tailor-made for each team. It promotes its companies to a global stage and connects them with the necessary opportunities & funds to become sustainable.

Intel Capital

It is an investment organization, makes equity investments in innovative technology start-ups and companies worldwide. This is a group for current and former employees of Intel Capital, and for startup entrepreneurs who'd like to learn more about it. 


It is an accelerator and a business incubator for technological internet companies.  It provides seed-stage companies, with business models that have the potential to expand and enter global markets. It provides support during all stages of the project’s development. 


It supports entrepreneurs and innovators throughout the various stages of the innovation cycle; from idea to prototype, turning their prototypes into market-fit products, and helps them finding the matching investment opportunities. 

Wamda Capital

A regional Venture Capital Firm focused on deploying growth capital in the Middle East and North Africa's leading entrepreneur led technology companies. we invest in transformational businesses and create meaningful partnerships with entrepreneurs.