A fund that helps existing SMEs grow in scale and scope and also seek to create new entrepreneurs and SMEs through low interest loans and provides grants to support the activities of the fund. It has tailored a set of products specially designed to provide SMEs with flexible funding to meet their needs.

Al Raffd Fund

A Fund that aims to support, encourage and promote the entrepreneurial growth and advancement among the citizens of Sultanate of Oman by providing simple, quality financing for varied business needs. It provides the right guidance and market knowledge required to help the youth of Oman convert their vision into reality. 



An Initiative that supports women entrepreneurs by scaling up access to financial products and services, building capacity, expanding networks, offering mentors, and providing opportunities to link with domestic and global markets.


It is an accelerator and a business incubator for technological internet companies.  It provides seed-stage companies, with business models that have the potential to expand and enter global markets. It provides support during all stages of the project’s development. 


It supports entrepreneurs and innovators throughout the various stages of the innovation cycle; from idea to prototype, turning their prototypes into market-fit products, and helps them finding the matching investment opportunities. 

Crescent Enterprises

It invests in strategic investment platforms that manages the private equity and alternative investments of Crescent Enterprises. With a long-term investment horizon, the platform’s strategy is geared towards maintaining a balanced late-stage investment portfolio by investing across alternative asset classes such as private equity, real estate, and other structured investments.

Algebra Ventures

A venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology companies in Egypt and MENA region. It offers capital, assists with strategy and operations, and helps in building teams. It connects the startups with industry partners and regional/international investors to support the growth and future exit. 

138 Pyramids

An investment company with a hybrid finance development initiative of social entrepreneurship, angels, venture capital and private equity. It offers early stage and growth stage investment to start-ups. It supports the development of the Egyptian SME Sector, and through its investments create employment opportunities.