Jadwa Investment

It is a governmental entity affiliated to Egypt's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It is responsible for growing and developing Egypt's position as a leading global outsourcing location by attracting foreign direct investments to the industry and maximizing the exports of IT services and applications. 


Bank of Palestine

A bank that offers a program that aims to develop existing small projects and to create new projects with the view of supporting productive projects and SMEs in Palestine. Which have a great impact of alleviating unemployment and create job opportunities. It offers loans to all segments of owners of enterprises.  

Al Mawred Al Thaqafy

A regional, non-profit organization that seeks to support artistic creativity in the Arab region and to encourage cultural exchanges within the region and with the developing world. Its work is based on an appreciation of the value of the Arab cultural heritage and an awareness of the need for a new Arab creativity that liberates the imagination and stimulates progress.