Saudi Egyptian Industrial Investment

An investment management company that supports its partners in the Egyptian industrial sector by creating effective partnerships which enables them to become high-performing entities. It offers private equity and consultation services by looking for promising investment opportunities, specifically companies that have just started operations or ones that are in the early stages of growth.

Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

A corporate venturing subsidiary of Saudi Aramco that invests globally into early-stage and high growth companies with technologies of strategic importance to Aramco. It supports portfolio companies in accessing the Saudi Arabian and regional market, including facilitating business development, localization, and accessing of technical and operational expertise. It also provides portfolio companies with guidance and support, and access to a global network.

Leap Ventures

A tech-focused entrepreneur-led venture capital firm that operates in MENA and Europe.  It seeks to actively partner with entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in order to quickly accelerate and scale their vision and operations globally. Its value-added platform and extensive international network provide entrepreneurs with the tools to sharpen their skills. 

KAUST Innovation Fund

An innovation fund that aims to grow an innovation and technology investment community and to attract international investors and VCs to the emerging Saudi technology ecosystem. It makes equity investments in startups and early-stage companies and allows KAUST to become a shareholder with a clear stake in the company’s success, providing ongoing operational support.


Juice Labs

It is venture capital growth accelerator, investing in early stage -pre-Series-A startups with a regional/global growth potential. It designs a comprehensive 6 month technical and business program, tailor-made for each team. It promotes its companies to a global stage and connects them with the necessary opportunities & funds to become sustainable.


It is a venture capital firm, and asubsidiary of EFG-Hermes Private Equity,  that helps innovative startups become big companies. It manages the Technology Development fund  focused on early stage technology companies.It invests in  companies operating inside and outside Egypt.



Enabling Future

Is a backed Venture Capital firm head quartered in Dubai with geographical focus primarily on companies incorporated in MENA and USA. It provides its portfolio companies with capital, experience, strategy and network.

Cedar Mundi Ventures

It is a Lebanese venture capital firm investing in international technology startups, having substantial economic presence in Lebanon and growth opportunities in the Middle East .It reaches out to  European tech networks, and to the Lebanese Diaspora in particular.