Arab Bank

A financial instituation Committed to promote SMEs through providing employment opportunities and encouraging self-employment. It offers many innovative financial products that can make all the difference to  business success.

Makhzoumi Foundation

An NGO that provides financial services to those who are unable to get these services from the banks giving them the chance to increase their incomes and save themselves from the poverty. It aims to mobilize resources, build partnerships and develop the capacities of communities in Lebanon. 

Global Innovation Fund

A fund that invests in social innovations that aim to improve the lives and opportunities of millions of people in the developing world.Through its grants and risk capital, it supports solutions to global development challenges from social enterprises, for-profit firms, non-profit organisations, researchers, and government agencies. It offers grants, loans (including convertible debt), and equity investments. 


It aims to support small and medium sized businesses and enterprises operating in the productive sectors of the economy. It provides lending to SMEs and enterprises having less than 3000 employees (MidCaps) at competitive interest rates and with flexible repayment schedules.  


FNB Finance

It provides finance small project loan to develop new or existing projects. It aims to  provide financing to both new and established projects in the productive economic sectors including agriculture, industrial, commercial and service industries. 

Emkan Finance

A Lebanese financial institution that aims to respond to the unmet demand for financial services by the low income economically active individuals, and limited economic stimulants in local communities. It provides access to microloans and economic development projects in Lebanon.


BLC Bank

A bank that provides a wide range of state-of-the-art, innovative and competitive financial products and services, in a simple and efficient way, leveraging innovation, technology, professionalism and excellence. It offers medium and long term loans as well as SME Toolkit and Women empowerment programs.


A bank that provides SMEs with various financial products and services.It has also devised a “hand-holding” approach for start-ups, which comprises advisory services, feasibility studies, as well as capital and debt restructuring. 

Bank Audi

 A bank that offers SMEs SMEs a range of tailored financing solutions with reduced interest rates, and collateral-free loans.It has designed a special non-lending program that gives SMEs access to an array of benefits that fit their business needs.