AlRaedah Finance

A company that provides solutions for SMEs seeking to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. It has become the principal financing institution for entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Saudi Arabia. Its strategy is built on our simple, quick and transparent process,  in-depth understanding of the local market, and flexible financing programs. It offers the most extensive coverage for sharia’h compliant financing solutions within the Kingdom.

Business Incubation Association of Tripoli (BIAT)

Offers an SME support program for the Lebanese and Syrian Nationals residing in Tripoli and Zgharta. It facilitates the establishment of business partnerships between Syrian and Lebanese entrepreneurs.It also provides business development trainings, grants (cash/ in kind) and business coaching to selected Syrians and Lebanese, to strengthen their self-reliance and promote small income generating activities.  


A government agency that encourages businesses and investments at supporting and enhancing the growth of micro and small business (MSEs). It works with local government officials in targeted areas to help them attract investment to their communities and facilitate growth. It fosters better access to finance, encourages better MSE access to finance by working with developmental and micro-finance institutions to improve their service offerings to firms and individuals, as well as helping more MSEs become more eligible to borrow. 


An Initiative that supports women entrepreneurs by scaling up access to financial products and services, building capacity, expanding networks, offering mentors, and providing opportunities to link with domestic and global markets.


A venture philanthropy organisation in the Arab world that provides funding, management support, mentorship and training to social enterprises across all sectors with a particular focus on education, job creation and women empowerment.

Qatar Development Bank

A fully owned government financial entity set up by an Emiri Decree to invest in and develop local industries by supporting  SMEs in Qatar. In addition to providing financial assistance, the banks’ other main focus is to provide advisory support and guidance to SME’s on how to start up, grow and expand their activities, with the aim of developing a sustainable economy. It recently launched an added service under TASDEER or Qatar Export Development Agency (QEDA) to provide export financing and business development and promotion support to Qatar based SME exporters. 


An angle investment group that invests its personal money, in return for an equity stake in the business. It cooperates on a deal to share experience and due diligence workload. It cooperates with incubators, accelerators and universities from allover MENA with focus on Cairo, Jeddah and Beirut.