Oman Development Bank

A bank  that provides scores of facilities for micro, SMEs and major ventures. It gives the opportunity to build and develop a project with short and long term development loans . It also  provides a financing program that includes fixed assets and working capital financing.




Palestine for Credite and development FATEN

A private non-profit company that issues group loans helping women and marginalized community establishing their own business. It has been seeking to improve the level of it's financial services in Palestine, started by providing loans to micro, small and medium projects, and now expanded its services to meet all the financial needs of the different ecomomical sectors, creating new job opportunities and reducing poverty rates and unemployment.

Nomou Programme - MENA

A development finance organisation for SMEs that offers a programme to create sustainable employment, economic growth, and positive social impact through the nurturing and expansion of a sustainable small and medium sized business sector in the Middle East and North Africa. It  provides access to medium-term risk capital and value-adding business support.

National Microfinance Bank

“A Jordanian bank  by the Central Bank of Jordan to provide financial service for the targeted segments according to the best international practices in the microfinance industry.  It offers products designed to suit micro & small business owners whether to establish their business or to improve an existing business whether it is registered or not registered. 

Makhzoumi Foundation

An NGO that provides financial services to those who are unable to get these services from the banks giving them the chance to increase their incomes and save themselves from the poverty. It aims to mobilize resources, build partnerships and develop the capacities of communities in Lebanon. 

Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation.

A corporation that assists SMEs to establish their economic projects and /or to expand their existing ones or increase their productivity, thus increasing the income of these enterprises and employment opportunities and employment in the national economy. It encourages commercial banks & financial institutions to provide the necessary financing for these projects. 


Islamic Microfinance Model

A company that aims to strengthen and expand its experience in the field of financing micro and small projects and to achieve optimal targeting of the poor and unemployed groups in their local societies. It is concerned with financing small and micro projects whose branches cover most of the poverty pockets, and the remote areas.