A peer to peer lending platform in the MENA region. It connects small and medium businesses who need capital with fixed-income investors. It directly addresses the funding gap for SMEs in the Middle East through a Sharia-compliant peer-funded, lease-to-own transaction structure that is implemented through the use of in-house proprietary technology


It supports entrepreneurs to fund their startups through its crowd funding platform relying on a network of validated and reliable investors. Shekra enables its network members to distribute their capital among multiple startups based on their own choices, resulting in a diversified portfolio of startup investments minimizing the overall risk exposure


It is as one of the crowdfunding platforms in the Arab region based in Lebanon. It encourages Arab entrepreneurs and creatives to submit their project pitches for funding by supporters from all around the world. 


It is a fintech company that connects investors and scale-up businesses. It helps run a successful fundraising campaign. It encourages startups and investment networks get a personalised site to promote deals, raise finance and engage with their investors. 


It is MENA's peer to peer (P2P) lending crowdfunding platform. It refers to investors providing finance to businesses without the use of a conventional intermediary, such as a bank. It uses the internet as a platform to reach a crowd of hundreds of potential investors. It uses innovative technology to directly connect businesses seeking fast, affordable finance with investors who can help fund their growth.

Silicon Bazar

A Middle East focused seed startup venture fund, supporting startups at pre-seed and seed stages, with focus on Iran and the MENA region. It invests in disruptive ideas backed by young dynamic teams with a clear vision to success who could develop world class technology companies.