Makhzoumi Foundation

An NGO that provides financial services to those who are unable to get these services from the banks giving them the chance to increase their incomes and save themselves from the poverty. It aims to mobilize resources, build partnerships and develop the capacities of communities in Lebanon. 

Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation.

A corporation that assists SMEs to establish their economic projects and /or to expand their existing ones or increase their productivity, thus increasing the income of these enterprises and employment opportunities and employment in the national economy. It encourages commercial banks & financial institutions to provide the necessary financing for these projects. 


Izdiharona for Economic Development

A non-profit Iraqi NGO. It offers program that focuses on providing small and micro loans to individuals and groups who are not able to access bank credit. It provides financial assistance to SMEs in need of capital to develop their businesses and to individuals for income generation and livelihood promotion. It works with clients who are typically marginalized or under-served by mainstream financial institution. 

Islamic Microfinance Model

A company that aims to strengthen and expand its experience in the field of financing micro and small projects and to achieve optimal targeting of the poor and unemployed groups in their local societies. It is concerned with financing small and micro projects whose branches cover most of the poverty pockets, and the remote areas.



A fund that helps existing SMEs grow in scale and scope and also seek to create new entrepreneurs and SMEs through low interest loans and provides grants to support the activities of the fund. It has tailored a set of products specially designed to provide SMEs with flexible funding to meet their needs.

First Abu Dhabi Bank

 A bank that povides the global relationships, expertise and financial strength to support local, regional and international businesses seeking to do business at home and abroad. It invests in people and technology to create the most customer-friendly banking experience and will support the growth ambitions of its stakeholders across the global network in which the bank operates. 



An institution that provides a unique solution of finance and support to SMEs in the missing middle to transform them into formalised and sustainable businesses that support employment and thus create lasting impact.