Reef Finance

An organization aims to develop and offer high quality microfinance products and services to meet the needs of the Palestinian citizen and focus on providing microfinance products and services to rural areas, poor and marginalized groups and developing them to become an added value in economic development and empowerment, with a greater focus on agricultural and productive sectors as well as income generating, job creating enterprises that contribute to enhancing self-sufficiency.

National Microfinance Bank

“A Jordanian bank  by the Central Bank of Jordan to provide financial service for the targeted segments according to the best international practices in the microfinance industry.  It offers products designed to suit micro & small business owners whether to establish their business or to improve an existing business whether it is registered or not registered. 

Namaa Tamweel

A microfinance institution and Islamic microfinance initiative in Libya that aims  aims to empower the Libyan economy by providing microfinance to  targeted clients who have difficulty accessing financial services through conventional banks. It finances the establishment or expansion of businesses. 

Izdiharona for Economic Development

A non-profit Iraqi NGO. It offers program that focuses on providing small and micro loans to individuals and groups who are not able to access bank credit. It provides financial assistance to SMEs in need of capital to develop their businesses and to individuals for income generation and livelihood promotion. It works with clients who are typically marginalized or under-served by mainstream financial institution. 


It aims to support small and medium sized businesses and enterprises operating in the productive sectors of the economy. It provides lending to SMEs and enterprises having less than 3000 employees (MidCaps) at competitive interest rates and with flexible repayment schedules.  



A bank that provides SMEs with various financial products and services.It has also devised a “hand-holding” approach for start-ups, which comprises advisory services, feasibility studies, as well as capital and debt restructuring. 

Bank Audi

 A bank that offers SMEs SMEs a range of tailored financing solutions with reduced interest rates, and collateral-free loans.It has designed a special non-lending program that gives SMEs access to an array of benefits that fit their business needs.

AlRaedah Finance

A company that provides solutions for SMEs seeking to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. It has become the principal financing institution for entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Saudi Arabia. Its strategy is built on our simple, quick and transparent process,  in-depth understanding of the local market, and flexible financing programs. It offers the most extensive coverage for sharia’h compliant financing solutions within the Kingdom.


A venture philanthropy organisation in the Arab world that provides funding, management support, mentorship and training to social enterprises across all sectors with a particular focus on education, job creation and women empowerment.